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We were excited to announce it: our project, the production of dresses in handmade prints by Indian craftsmen in fine cotton, linen and silk is finally ready. And with great pleasure  we present it to you on our website.
With great dedication to the development of amazing Hippie and Boho  dresses we have realized the launch of our first collection inspired by the 1960 and 1970.

It all started long ago, Sandrine’s passion about block print , accessories  and design , she enjoys to get inspired  on her travels...
These trips result in lovely encounters, beautiful finds, fabrics, pearls ... ideas and ideas ...

This made Sandrine realizes her initial project: developing  her own clothing brand Lili Lilou.

The brand Lili Lilou

The idea for the brand was developed over a few years and the choice of name was obvious, Lili Lilou are the beautiful twin girls who travel with their mum and who are happy to model and pose for the brand. Lili Lilou offers chic hippie dresses, bohemian spirit, easy to wear and always stylish.

Paying great attention to certain values, Sandrine brings a particular care to the choices of her fabrics and manufacturing process,  the designs are inspired by the hippie movement and contemporary fashion.

The fabrics are mainly made of cotton or linen and are carefully crafted  by  hand printing single colors on the materials one after another. With a wooden or metal stamp, the patterns are printed manually on the fabric, the dress is then created  and adjusted in the workshops, according to our designs.

Secrets of the production

Discover how hand block print is being done.

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